Since I’m currently writing a master report on WEP (which should be gone by now, but isn’t) I figuered I might aswell try out the attacks described from the souces I use. Experimenting with this types of attacks is best done with aircrack-ng and I knew BackTrack Linux comes with this, aswell as a range of other useful tools, but the problem remains.

None of my current wireless chipsets are compatible with packet injection and to top this hop, hunting after a compatible wifi adapter that won’t make to much a dent in my wallet is quite the chore. Especially since manufacturers has different revisions on their adapters, meaning the same model of an adapter might not be compatible since it is revision 2 and not the first or third revision which are the one compatible (uses on of the aircrack-ng compatible wifi chipset).

But as luck would have it I happen to come across this adapter. Not only is it under $22, but a BackTrack VMware image is included on the driver CD! It even has a B3/B4 logo on the package to signify that it is compatible with both BackTrack 3 and the newer BackTrack 4.

I already ordered this adapter and it should arrive in the post soon. I will see if I can offer any more info on how well it works as soon as I have tested it out.